General Health Issues

As naturopathic doctors, we utilize a multiple therapy approach to whole person wellness. We support you, not your symptoms. We want to work in partnership with you to help you form lasting lifestyle changes to improve your overall health, not just alleviate pain and dysfunction. As primary care providers, we are trained and licensed to recommend and prescribe herbs and other natural remedies as well as prescription medications. We are also licensed to perform a variety of in-office procedures (from the removal of skin tags to the removal of ingrown toenails) as well as order lab tests (blood and urine etc.) and diagnostic tests (X-ray, MRI, etc.).

Physical Medicine/Sports Medicine

We can help you deal with pain and disability in a unique and functional way. As naturopaths we look at the body as a whole and realize that the area where you’re having pain is not always the cause of that pain. Our practitioners use assessments and treatment techniques to address factors involved with the cause of your concerns. We utilize soft tissue techniques, specific focused stretching of affected muscles, joint manipulation, exercise, and strengthening/stretching prescriptions with a through understanding of bio-mechanics to aid you in your recovery. Integration of all of these components is vital to truly alleviating most musculoskeletal issues.

Women’s Health

Health issues for women exist from pre-puberty for preteen girls to post-menopause for “as young as you feel” women. As primary care providers, we are trained to perform gynecological exams and PAPs and are licensed to prescribe birth control medications. Most women may experience some kind of gynecological concern in their lifetime. It may be erratic periods when starting to menstruate in their pre-teen/teenage years or it may be heavy menstrual bleeding, painful cramps or PMS during the reproductive years. In the peri-menopausal/menopause years it may be hot flashes, “brain fog” or changes in libido (sex drive). Some women may experience specific gynecological syndromes such as uterine fibroids or poly-cystic ovarian disease while others may want to prepare their bodies for conception or have difficulty conceiving.

As naturopaths, we take a whole person approach and realize that a woman’s health is not dictated just by her hormones but that her overall health and mental well-being play a significant role in keeping her body and hormones in balance. We recommend dietary and lifestyle changes, herbs and supplements, and bio-identical hormones in combinations that will balance the body and hormones.

Nasal Specific Technique

This unique form of cranial manipulation involves the insertion of a small balloon in the nasal passages which is inflated in order to release restrictions in the cranial joints. It has long been held that the bones of the face and cranium become fused in childhood. We now know that this belief is false and that in fact these structures do move independently and in conjunction with each other. When motion of the cranial bones becomes restricted and the nasal passages narrowed, a variety of dysfunctions can result including: headache, migraine, sinusitis, sleep apnea, otitis media, and deviated septum among others. The end result of treatment is to release the cranial sutures thereby increasing the space in the nasal passages, improving drainage from the sinuses, and allowing for normal cranial movement.

Gastrointestinal Health/Food Sensitivities (Allergies)

Good gut health is the foundation for overall well-being. We not only believe that you are what you eat but possibly the things you are eating are making you sick. Food sensitivities/allergies can present in many different ways throughout the body. Food sensitivities may present as eczema, psoriasis, M.S., joint and muscle pain, or headache, to name a few. We can help you identify these issues and support you through the process as you make changes which will lead to a happier and healthier life.

BioEnergetics (BIE)

BIE  is a non-invasive and painless procedure that enables one’s body to recognize and overcome sensitivities or intolerances. A lightweight state-of-the-art device is used to transmit a safe and low electronic frequency directly onto various acupuncture points on the body. This stimulates and clears any blockages in the body’s energy (commonly referred to as stressors). After these stressors are cleared and purged, the patient’s cells are able to recognize the stressing frequency. Next time the cells are exposed to that sensitivity, the body may no longer see it as a threat and will not produce any allergy-type symptoms. The body will now be in a state of balance. BIE is very effective for food and environmental intolerances, there by improving the patient’s immune system. For more information on BIE, visit


Acupuncture aids in balancing the flow of blood, fluids and the flow of Qi, or
energy, through specific pathways of the body called meridians. It involves the
stimulation of specific points on these meridians using disposable fine needles,
heat, pressure friction or other techniques. Learn more.