A few examples of ways we can help you

I have back and/or neck pain

We are skilled in musculoskeletal assessment and treatment including stretching, soft tissue manipulation and joint manipulation.

My foot/ankle/knee/hip/shoulder hurts

Naturopathic physicians are trained in orthopedic and rheumatologic medicine. We often look at these problems from a functional perspective more than a structural one.

I have chronic headaches/sinusitis

Chronic headaches and sinusitis are often the result of airborne allergies and/or food sensitivities. We also offer a form of cranial manipulation that may resolves these issues.

My belly hurts

It is a fundamental principal of naturopathic medicine that treating the gut can lead to optimal health. Enhancing digestion and balancing “gut flora” is frequently all that is needed to resolve pain and dysfunction in the GI tract.

I’m tired all the time

Fatigue is often a complex issue involving several factors and systems. It may be useful to assess the health of the thyroid and adrenal glands as well as something as simple as adequate sleep.

I think I have food allergies.

Food allergies/sensitivities can present in many different ways. We have several tools to help you uncover and resolve these issue

PMS is driving me crazy!

Understanding hormonal changes and the delicate balance of sleep, diet, exercise and stress management, combined with our gentle medicine, can provide lasting PMS relief.

I just can’t seem to lose weight

Our doctors are trained in nutrition and exercise prescription and we offer an HCG protocol to speed the process of weight loss.

Is there any treatment for my hot flashes?

Although menopause is a natural part of aging, we do have many tools to make it considerable more manageable.

I have high blood pressure/high cholesterol

These conditions are often easily treated with simple lifestyle modifications. When needed there are supplements and herbs that can help and are significantly less toxic than the commonly prescribed pharmaceutical medications.